Sherwood Basenjis - Puppy Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed so that I can get to know a little bit about you and your family. There are no right or wrong answers. I look at each home on an individual basis so please answer honestly and feel free to write as much as you wish.Please copy/paste the following into an email and return to me at Sherwood Basenjis.

City and State:

How many adults live in your home?
How many children live in your home?
What are their ages?
Who will be the primary caregiver for this puppy?
Does anyone in your home have allergies?

What type of housing do you live in, and do you rent or own your home?
Are you planning a move in the foreseeable future?

Do you have a securely fenced yard?
If so, how high is it and what material is it made of?

Have you ever lived with a Basenji?

What attracted you to this breed?

Tell us about all of the pets currently living in your household. Please list species or breeds, as well as their ages and genders, and whether they are spayed or neutered.

Have you ever crate-trained a dog before?
Are you willing to crate-train your new puppy?

How did you hear about Sherwood Basenjis?