Sherwood Basenjis


Over the last few years, the Basenji has become a "fad breed" and disreputable and indescriminant "breeders" are popping up all over the United States. Some of these "breeders" are blatantly obvious while others hide behind cleverly designed websites designed to make them appear reputable. If you are thinking about adding a Basenji to your family, we urge you to research breeders thoroughly. Be aware that there are numerous breeders who are falsely advertising that their dogs have had multiple health tests run such as hip OFAs, eye CERFs, and Fanconi testing.  Buyer beware...check for yourself at the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals database. Search for the dog's registered name to see what tests have actually been run.

Sherwood's Breeding Program

The goal at Sherwood is to produce Basenjis that correctly represent the breed standard with careful attention to both temperament and health. I strive to produce a "multi-purpose" companion and you will see dogs from my breedings successfully competing in conformation, lure coursing, agility, and obedience. My puppies are raised indoors as family members and countless hours are spent socializing and training them to be great companions, therefore, I limit the number of puppies I produce. Families who are interested in obtaining one will be carefully screened before a deposit is taken. All puppies come with a written health warranty/contract. Puppies sold as pets MUST be spayed/neutered and come with AKC "limited" registration. Puppies sold as show prospects will be co-owned by myself. I DO NOT sell "breeding stock". You can expect a lifetime commitment of help and support when you obtain a Sherwood Basenji. I am only too pleased to work with both new and established fanciers with an interest in showing or performance events.

*** Three older puppies available. See Available page for details.

*** If you think you would be interested in adopting a puppy or an adult, please fill out our questionnaire and return it. ***