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Sherwood Basenjis

L-R Pippin, George, Logan, Baron, Clipper,
                  and Locket up top 

About Sherwood Basenjis

Sherwood Basenjis began in April 1991 with the purchase of a stubborn little red/white female Basenji puppy named  Keiko (Tennasa's Keiko Kantu, F.Ch., C.G.C.). Keiko was supposed to be my first "show dog" but apparently, no one ever told her that. You see, Keiko didn't like the show ring and, being exceptionally bright, she would find many amusing ways (amusing to her anyway) to embarrass me in the show ring until I finally gave up and "retired" her after earning only a few minor points. Since the show ring was something of a bust, I sought out a new hobby with Keiko......lure coursing. Now THIS was fun! Keiko really enjoyed lure coursing but being "blessed" with the speed of a turtle with a broken leg and the ability to turn with the agility of a speeding locomotive, Keiko could never quite keep up with her competitors so she quickly learned to "cheat" by heading off her runningmates and waiting at the finish line for the lure to come to her. Clever yes, but "cheating" doesn't impress the judges. Despite her creative running style, Keiko became my first ASFA Field Champion. 

Keiko was bred once and produced 3 AKC conformation Champions and 1 ASFA Field Champion in her only litter. Keiko was spayed and retired from competition and then spent many years as my official bed warmer where she earned the affectionate nickname of "the Speedbump" due to her habit of "hogging" the bed! Keiko's daughter Dallas (Ch. Sherwood's Restless Heart) became the primary base for my breeding program and my "line" is being developed through Dallas' children and grandchildren.

I, Robyn Dubbert, served five consecutive years (through Dec. 31, 1999) as President of the Etowah Basenji Club and am currently a member of the Basenji Club of America, Inc. (B.C.O.A.). I spent many years as an active member of Coursing Hound Association of the South East (CHASE) and Sighthounds of North Georgia (SONG). I also spent a little over a decade as one of the primary Basenji rescue coordinators for the state of Georgia, both privately and in association with Basenji Rescue and Transport (B.R.A.T.)

*** Latest News ***

Three older puppies available to new homes. See Available page for details.

I am very proud of my "Elvis Songs" litter.

Sherwood's Follow That Dream aka "Dreamer" is closing in on her AKC conformation championship. She has earned 3 majors (a 3 point, 4 point, and 5 point) and currently has a total of 14 points! Dreamer is always handled by myself in the Bred-By-Exhibitor class.

Sherwood's Love Me Tender aka "Clementine" is making her way in the show ring also. Clementine has earned two 5 point majors and a Hound Group 4th! Clementine is loved and spoiled by my good friend Norm Mason.

Norm Mason and I with Clementine and Dreamer.

Robyn and baby Plum